quotes: aloha!

Match the movie/tv show to the quote:

Lilo & Stitch
From Here to Eternity
The Brady Bunch: Hawaii Bound
Ride th Wild Surf
Hawaii Five-O
Pearl Harbor

1. These are not only decorative but they also keep my neck warm.

2. You're a funny boy. One minute you're shooting harpoons at someone and the next, you're very nice.

3. Prew, it's true we love each other now, we need each other, but back in the States it might be different.

4. This is Ward Three, and as you can see, no patients. Welcome to Hawaii.

5. Blue punch buggy... no punch-back!

6. How can they land such a big plane on such a little island?!

7. Book him, Danno. Murder one.


Erika said...

3.The Brady Bunch--I just hear it in Marsha's voice
7. Hawaii Five-O

Aubree Legler said...

I only got no. 5--Lilo and Stitch

Millie Motts said...

1. Blue Hawaii - which I omitted from the list.
2. Ride the Wild Surf
3. From Here to Eternity
4. Pearl Harbor
5. Lilo & Stich
6. Brady Bunch (it was actually Cindy, Erika)
7. Hawaii Five-O