in the car

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best of: spring break

(according to the movies...notice any similarities?)

Where the Boys Are

Palm Springs Weekend

Girl Happy


Ride the Wild Surf


quotes: doris day

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1. Greetings, chum!
My, we haven't seen you, let's see now, since you didn't go to Switzerland.
Yeah, I got a big kick out of planning that trip. What looks good this time of year?
How about the Canadian Rockies?
Canadian Rockies? Don't you remember? I already haven't been there!

2. Now I need to put the meat on broil but your hair is on bake. Which should I do first?
I think the *hair*, Molly.
False hair, false eyelashes, false bosoms. In my day women were flesh and blood, now they're 70% nylon and 30% foam rubber.

3. I haven't felt like this since Culver Military Academy.

4. A kiss? What does that prove? It's like finding out you can light a stove. It doesn't make you a cook.

5. The next man that laughs is gonna get his head ventilated.

6. The State Department could use her. What a party girl she'd make - in Moscow!


come fly with me

the year: 1963

the genre: comedy

the cast: Dolores Hart (Donna Stuart); Hugh O'Brien (First Officer Ray Winsley); Karl Boehm (Baron Franz Von Elzingen)' Pamel Tiffin (Carol Brewster); Lois Nettleton (Hilda "Bergie" Bergstrom)

the plot: Classic schmaltz. Three stewardesses working for Polar Atlantic Airways, make regular flights between New York and Paris or Vienna. Along the way, one meets an impoverished Austrian baron who turns out to be a diamond smuggler. Another, a "Southern belle", develops a crush on the first officer of the airplane even though she takes issue with his morals. The third gets noticed by a multi-millionaire widower from Texas.

don't miss: how Miss Brewster aids in averting the cavetation.

extra bonus points: if you know what Dolores Hunt did with the rest of her life.

did you know: that the title of this film was originally Champagne Flight.

watch the trailer here.


life of the party

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