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quotes: WWII

Match the quote with the movie:

Pearl Harbor
Father Goose
On the Town
The Best Years of Our Lives
Operation Petticoat
I'll Be Seeing You
The Clock

1. You oughta feel proud that three sailors from the United States Navy got off the ship for one day, and what did they do? Were they thirsty for hard liquor? No. They were thirsty for culture. Were they running after girls? No. They came running to the museum to see your dinosaur. For months out at sea they were dreaming about your dinosaur.

2. I'm a religious man, Captain, and I believe we'll get through if the Good Lord puts His mind to it. Of course, He'll have to give us His undivided attention.

3. I think World War II just started.

4. Sometimes when a girl dates a soldier she isn't only thinking of herself. She knows he's alone and far away from home and no one to talk to and...

5. Well, they have experts making those pictures. I guess that's the way they see the war. A beach a mile long and thousands of soldiers, and tanks, and machine guns and everything. I guess that's the way it is.
But it wasn't that way for you, huh?
It's just a difference in size. To a guy that's in it, the war's about ten feet wide, and kind of empty. It's you and a couple of fellows in your company, maybe. It's all kind of mixed up. Sometimes it's all full of noise, and sometimes it's quiet. It all depends on what you're thinking about, I guess. It depends on how scared you are, how cold you are, and how wet you are. I guess if you asked a hundred guys what the war's like, they'd all give you a different answer.

6. Stebbings, confiscate all the small craft on this pier.

7. You see, Mr. Milton, in the Army I've had to be with men when they were stripped of everything in the way of property except what they carried around with them and inside them. I saw them being tested. Now some of them stood up to it and some didn't. But you got so you could tell which ones you could count on. I tell you this man Novak is okay. His 'collateral' is in his hands, in his heart and his guts. It's in his right as a citizen.

8. I stick my neck out for *nobody*!


guess who?

She was born Johnnie Lucille Collier in Nacogdoches, Texas.

She was discovered by Lucille Ball while doing a show in a San Francisco nightclub.

She began dance classes in order to strengthen her legs after suffering from rickets.

She claimed to be able to dance at 500 taps per minute. Her tap shoes were called Moe and Joe and are exhibited in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington.

At the end of her MGM contract she flew overseas to Morocco to entertain on the Timex TV Hour for Bob Hope. She sang and danced "Too Darn Hot" in 120-degree heat, entertaining 5000 soldiers.

She claimed her difficulty maintaining relationships with men was due to her being an Egyptian queen in a past life and executing any men who displeased her.

On her tax returns, listed her occupation as "Star Lady".


from prada to nada

the year: 2011

the genre: dramedy

the cast: Camilla Bell (Nora Dominguez); Alexa Vega (Mary Donminguez); Adriana Barraza (Aurelia Jimenez); Nicholas D'Agosto (Edward Ferris); Wilmer Valderrama (Bruno); Oliverio Gareli (Marco Antonio Ramirez)

the plot: When their dad dies on his 55th birthday, Beverley Hills sisters, Mary and Nora, find themselves destitute, forced by a coniving soon-to-be-sister-in-law to move in with their aunt in East L.A. Mary is mortified: spoiled by her dad, ignorant of Spanish, and scared of the vatos. Her sister convinces her to finish college, and she promptly decides that one of her T.A.s will be her ticket back to Rodeo Drive. Nora, a law student, gets a job as a legal intern, and her supervisor, the brother of the soon-to-be-sister-in-law, promptly falls for her. Slowly, the sisters come to embrace their situation and their heritage.

don't miss: las tias.

listen for: "Not all that glitters is gold, Barbie."

also don't miss: Nora's first case.

extra bonus points: if you know the movie series Alexa Varga starred in when she was younger.

also listen for: "You can hate this for what you think it is, or you can love it, for what you know it can become."

count: how many candles the aunts light in the hospital room.


13 going on 30

the year: 2004

the genre: comedy

the cast: Jennifer Garner (Jenna Rink); Mark Ruffalo (Matt Flamhaff); Judy Greer (Lucy Wyman); Andy Serkis (Richard Kneeland)

the plot: After total humiliation at her thirteenth birthday party, Jenna Rink wants to hide until she's thirty. Thanks to some wishing dust, Jenna's prayer is answered. With a knockout body, a dream apartment, a fabulous wardrobe, an athlete boyfriend, a dream job, and superstar friends, she couldn't have a better life. Unfortunetly, Jenna realizes that it's not exactly what she wanted. Then she finds her childhood best friend, Matt. But he's also grown up...

don't miss: the Thriller scene.

listen for: "Wait, listen to me. I'm 13!" "Jenna, if you're gonna start lying about your age, I'd go with 27."

extra bonus points: if you've ever eaten Razzles.

did you know: The Poise article that Jenna is reading at 13 ("Thirty, Flirty & Thriving"), features the apartment that she later lives in at 30.

also listen for: "It doesn't matter what Lucy said. I stopped trusting her after she stole my poprocks in the third grade."


miss congeniality

the year: 2000

the genre: comedy

the cast: Sandra Bullock (Gracie Hart); Michael Caine (Victor Melling); Benjamin Bratt (Eric Matthews); Candice Bergen (Kathy Morningside); William Shatner (Stan Fields)

the plot: When a serial killer indicates that his next target is the Miss United States beauty pageant, the FBI decides that they must enter an undercover agent as a participant in the contest. A search uncovers no suitable candidate other than a bumbling female agent. The pageant managers are aghast at Gracie joining the pageant, but arrange a top handler to come give her a quick makeover, with the expected outstanding results. Now if she can just catch the killer...

don't miss: Michael Caine as Victor. He knows his pageant stuff!

listen for: "Miss Rhode Island, please describe your idea of a perfect date." "That's a tough one. I'd have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket."

did you know: Cheryl "Rhode Island's" answer to the question "What is your idea of a perfect date?" was actually used as an answer in a real beauty pageant.

extra bonus points: if you know what's special about the dress Gracie wears post-makeover while "Mustang Sally" is playing in the background.



guess who?

His trademark was his "rubbery" dancing style.

He recorded a children's album, The Churkendoose, featuring the story of a misfit fowl ("part chicken, turkey, duck, and goose") who teaches kids that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it all "depends on how you look at things".

In his later years, he danced in a Dr Pepper television commercial and had a recurring role as the father of Shirley Partridge on The Partridge Family.

When asked how much money he made from the repeat showings of his most famous film, he often responded, “No residuals, just immortality.”


the fantastic four

the year: 2005

the genre: action

the cast: Ioan Gruffudd (Reed Richards); Jessica Alba (Sue Storm); Chris Evans (Johnny Storm); michael Chiklis (Ben Grimm); Julian McMahone (Victor von Doom)

the plot: A group of astronauts gain superpowers after a cosmic radiation exposure and must use them to oppose the plans of their enemy, Doctor Victor Von Doom.

did you know: For most of the shoot, Michael Chiklis was terribly uncomfortable in the hot Thing suit. The final street battle, however, was filmed in Vancouver in December, leaving him as the only comfortable one of the four (the rest were in the skintight blue uniforms).

listen for: "Oh yeah Ben, few days in space, it'll be great, what's the worst that could happen?"

did you also know: Ioan Gruffudd was very excited about showing his Welsh parents that he was working on a major Hollywood production. Unfortunately, the day they came to visit him on set, he was filming an elevator scene.

extra bonus points: if you know how Michael Chiklis got used to the prosthetic teeth used in his costume for The Thing.

also listen for: "Ladies, I'm gonna need to borrow your car." "The transmission sticks." "Not gonna be a problem."


guess who?

She has been nicknamed “The Girl with the Upside-Down Eyes”.

Stephen Sondheim wrote "Send in the Clowns" in his show "A Little Night Music" especially for her short-breathed, wistful voice.

She was born in South Africa, while her parents were on tour – her mother was a concert pianist and her father an actor.

She was qualified to teach ballet by the age of 10.

She is probably best known as Mrs. Winifred Banks.




guess who?

He was almost blind in one eye due to injury received in a gas attack during WWI.

He never attended a premiere.

In addition to memorizing his lines for a movie, he memorized the entire script.

He was married six times.

Before becoming a famous actor, he was a teacher at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. One of his students was Laurence Olivier.