the computer wore tennis shoes

the year: 1969

the genre: comedy

the cast: Kurt Russell (Dexter); Cesar Romero (A.J. Arno); Joe Flynn (Dean Higgins); Michael McGreevey (Schuyler); William Schallert (Professor Quigley); Richard Bakalyan(Chillie Walsh)

the plot: Some college students manage to persuade the town's big businessman, A. J. Arno, to donate a computer to their college. When student, Dexter Riley, tries to fix the computer, he gets an electric shock and his brain turns to a computer - he can suddenly remember everything he reads. Unfortunately, he also remembers information which was in the computer's memory, like the illegal business Arno is involved in.

don't miss: the students' stint as painters, the thugs daring ride in the dune buggy, and Dean Higgins - he's a peach.

listen for: "I know this! I actually know this!"

did you know: The "campus" shown outside the window of the Dean's office is actually a photograph of buildings in the Walt Disney Studios. This very same backdrop was used during the run of the "Disneyland" television show for scenes shot on the set that served as Walt Disney's "office" when he hosted segments of the program.

also listen for: the groovy music.

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Erika said...

Poor Dean Higgins. Those meddling kids! Is this the one with the "attentive" floral arrangement? If so, that's my favorite part.