guess who?

She was born Eleanor Geisman.

She was 5’ 1” tall.

In 1945, Harvard Lampoon voted her worst actress of the year. That year's worst actor was regular co-star Van Johnson.

She was a longtime friend of Esther Williams.

She initially turned down the opportunity to be a celebrity spokesperson for Depends undergarments because "it was not a very pleasant subject". Reportedly, her mother changed her mind because she convinced her that she could actually help people with a very real and widespread problem that they were too embarrassed to talk about with friends or family. (So you see, it all depends.)

She said, “I have big teeth. I lisp. My eyes disappear when I smile. My voice is funny. I don't sing like Judy Garland. I don't dance like Cyd Charisse. But women identify with me. And while men desire Cyd Charisse, they'd take me home to meet Mom.”


two weeks notice

the year: 2002

the genre: comedy

the cast: Sandra Bullock (Lucy Kelson); Hugh Grant (George Wade); Alicia Witt (June Carver)

the plot: Lucy Kelson is chief counsel for Wade Corporation, one of New York City's top commercial real estate developers. She's a brilliant lawyer with a sharp, strategic mind. She also has an ulcer and doesn't get much sleep. It's not the job that's getting to her - it's her millionaire boss, George Wade. Handsome, charming and undeniably self-absorbed, he treats her more like a nanny than a Harvard Law grad and can barely choose a tie without her help. Now, after one year of calling the shots-on everything from his clothes to his divorce settlements - Lucy Kelson is calling it quits.

don't miss: Tony's advice to George about women.

listen for: "You called everyone but Slurpee Heaven." "That is not true. I did call Slurpee Heaven. They didn't want you. Heard you had attitude. Said you weren't "Slurpee" material."

did you know: the house George's brother lives is actually one of Donald Trump's homes. Trump lent his Westchester home to the production and filmed a cameo for the film.

also listen for: "No offense, but I think it's immoral for one person to acquire that much wealth. How do you sleep at night?" "Well, I have a machine that simulates the sound of the ocean."

extra bonus points: if you know what the grammatically correct movie title would be.

count: how many Number 7's Lucy orders from Mr. Wong during the course of the film.

watch for: George's first attempt at speech writing.



the year: 2008

the genre: comedy

the cast: John Karsinski (Carther Rutherford); George Clooney (Jimmy "Dodge" Connelly); Renee Zellweger (Lexie Littleton)

the plot: Dodge Connolly, a charming, brash football hero, is determined to guide his team from bar brawls to packed stadiums. But after the players lose their sponsor and the entire league faces certain collapse, Dodge convinces a college football star to join his ragtag ranks. The captain hopes his latest move will help the struggling sport finally capture the country's attention. Welcome to the team Carter Rutherford, America's favorite son. A golden-boy war hero who single-handedly forced multiple German soldiers to surrender in WWI, Carter has dashing good looks and unparalleled speed on the field. This new champ is almost too good to be true, and cub journalist Lexie Littleton aims to prove that's the case.

don't miss: the meet cute between Lexie and Dodge.

listen for: "Yeah, I kissed her! On the mouth, twice! And I liked it. A lot!"

did you know: Clooney claimed that he had rewritten all but two scenes and had asked the WGA for credit. When they denied his request, he removed himself as a voting member and changed his status to "Financial Core Member."

extra bonus points: if you know what's interesting about the announcer in the last game talking about the "Hail Mary" pass.


the one and only, genuine, original family band

the year: 1968

the genre: musical

the cast: Walter Brennan (Grandpa Bower); Buddy Ebsen (Calvin Bower); Lesley Ann Warren (Alice Bower); John Davidson (Joe Carder); Kurt Russell (Sidney Bower)

the plot: In 1888, Grandpa Bower - a passionate Democrat - heads a family band who he hopes will be able to perform at the convention for Grover Cleveland's presidential campaign in St. Louis. The twist is that Grandpa's son Calvin is a Republican. So is Joe Carder, an outspoken young charmer who has his eyes on the eldest Bower daughter Alice. Carder speaks with passion about southern Dakota and its quest for statehood. What will happen once Carder convinces the Bower family to move on out to Dakota?

don't miss: John Davidson's dimples.

watch for: Goldie Hawn's enthusiastic movie debut as The Giggly Girl. She and Kurt Russell met during filming.

also don't miss: the food fight/moustache painting that goes on between those who endorse "statesmanship" and "politics".

did you know: Bing Crosby was originally offered the Grandpa Bower role, but he wanted a percentage of the box office receipts.

extra bonus points: if you know which famous musician released "'Bout Time" and "Ten Feet Off the Ground" on an album.

did you also know: that the project was originally intended to be a 2-part television movie and was expanded to feature film status.


what else were they in?

John McGiver was an owl-faced, portly actor with a mid-Atlantic accent who made more than a hundred appearances in television and motion pictures over a two-decade span from 1955 to 1975. He also appeared in tv commercials, including the first of a popular series of commercials for the American Express charge card ("Do you know me?").

You might recognize him as:

Leonard Sharpe in The Apple Dumpling Gang
Mr. Babcock in Mame
Albert in Fitzwilly
Ralph Goodwin in The Glass Bottom Boat
Rogert Barclay in Made in Paris
William Cadwalader in Man's Favorite Sport
Senator Thomas Jordaon in The Manchurian Candidate
Mr. Martin Turner in Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation
Tiffany's Salesman in Breakfast at Tiffany's
Monsieur X in Love in the Afternoon


miracle on 34th street

the year: 1947

the genre: comedy

the cast: Maureen O'Hara (Doris Walker); John Payne (Fred Gailey); Natalie Wood (Susan Walker); Edmund Gwenn (Kris Kringle)

the plot: When Doris Walker frantically recruits a last minute replacement for a drunken Santa for Macy's Christmas parade, he seems just ideal for he job and perhaps for good reason - he says his name is Kris Kringle and that he's the real Santa Claus. He proves to be popular with the children visiting the store when he's hired full-time, but after a run-in with the store's psychologist, Kris finds himself at Bellevue. Doris' friend/neighbor, Fred Gaily, agrees to represent Kris and to try to prove in court that Kris is the real Santa Claus.

don't miss: whether Santa Claus sleeps with his whiskers outside or in the covers.

count: the mailbags carried into the courtroom at the end of Kris's hearing.

listen for: "But you go ahead Henry, you do it your way. You go on back in there and tell them that you rule there is no Santy Claus. Go on. But if you do, remember this: you can count on getting just two votes, your own and that district attorney's out there." "The District Attorney's a Republican."

did you know: this was Thelma Ritter's film debut.

extra bonus points: if you know what the little girl says in Dutch to Kris when he asks her what she wants for Christmas.