come september

the year: 1961

the genre: comedy

the cast: Rock Hudson (Robert L. Talbot); Gina Lollobrigida (Lisa Helena Fellini); Sandra Dee (Sandy Stevens); Bobby Darin (Tony)

the plot: Wealthy, industrialist playboy Robert Talbot arrives early for his annual vacation at his luxurious Italian villa to find three problems lying in wait for him. First, his long-time girlfriend Lisa Fellini has given up waiting for him to pop the question and has decided to marry another man. Second, the major domo of his villa has turned the estate into a posh hotel to make some easy money while the boss isn't around. And finally, the current guests of the "hotel" are a group of young American girls trying to "fend off" a gang of American boys, led by Tony, who are 'laying siege' at the outer walls of the villa. Talbot, to his own surprise, finds himself becoming an overprotective chaperone.

don't miss: "Multiplication" as sung by Bobby Darrin.

listen for: "Mr Clavell!" "Sir?" "You are to go with them and you are not to let those girls out of your sight." "Sir, I can't ride a motor scooter." "Then learn." "I have no sense of balance. I was the only child that ever had to be strapped to his tricycle."

did you know: Bobby Darrin and Sandra Dee met during the filming of this movie. They were married not long after the film wrapped.

also listen for: "Where do you live?" "[broken English] Saus-a-lito." "And where is that near?" "San Fran-sis-co." "I am very stu-pid. But I'm loads of fun."

You can watch the movie in parts, starting here.

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