the one and only, genuine, original family band

the year: 1968

the genre: musical

the cast: Walter Brennan (Grandpa Bower); Buddy Ebsen (Calvin Bower); Lesley Ann Warren (Alice Bower); John Davidson (Joe Carder); Kurt Russell (Sidney Bower)

the plot: In 1888, Grandpa Bower - a passionate Democrat - heads a family band who he hopes will be able to perform at the convention for Grover Cleveland's presidential campaign in St. Louis. The twist is that Grandpa's son Calvin is a Republican. So is Joe Carder, an outspoken young charmer who has his eyes on the eldest Bower daughter Alice. Carder speaks with passion about southern Dakota and its quest for statehood. What will happen once Carder convinces the Bower family to move on out to Dakota?

don't miss: John Davidson's dimples.

watch for: Goldie Hawn's enthusiastic movie debut as The Giggly Girl. She and Kurt Russell met during filming.

also don't miss: the food fight/moustache painting that goes on between those who endorse "statesmanship" and "politics".

did you know: Bing Crosby was originally offered the Grandpa Bower role, but he wanted a percentage of the box office receipts.

extra bonus points: if you know which famous musician released "'Bout Time" and "Ten Feet Off the Ground" on an album.

did you also know: that the project was originally intended to be a 2-part television movie and was expanded to feature film status.


Laney said...

Kurt Russell has always been cute! I didn't know this is where they met. I thought the first time was when they started dating. The things you learn!

Erika said...

Those are quite the bangs on LAW...

Millie Motts said...

Yes. She had her husband give her a Twiggy-style haircut - it didn't quite turn out right. She had to wear a wig/hairpiece during the film.

Answer: Louis Armstrong.