while you were sleeping

the year: 1995

the genre: comedy

the cast: Sandra Bullock (Lucy Moderatz); Bill Pullman (Jack Callaghan); Peter Gallagher (Peter Callaghan); Peter Boyle (Ox Callaghan); Jack Warden (Saul); Glynis Johns (Elsie)

the plot: Lonely Chicago "L" ticket seller Lucy has fallen in love with a commuter who passes her booth every day. On Christmas Day, the handsome commuter (named Peter) is mugged and falls onto the rails. Lucy saves his life and Peter's family is mistaken into thinking Lucy is Peter's fiancee. Peter's brother, Jack, is skeptical, but very much attacted to Lucy. What will happen when Peter wakes up?

don't miss: Joe, Jr. - he's got Ice Capades tickets.

listen for: "These potatoes are so creamy. Mary mashed them."

did you know: The original screenplay was about a woman in a coma and a man pretending to be her fiancé. Many studio executives thought this to be too predatory until someone suggested reversing the roles.

extra bonus points: if you know why Sandra Bullock said she could relate to the role of Lucy.

count: how many times Cesar Romero comes up in dinnertime conversation.

watch for: Jason Bernard as Lucy's boss, Jerry. You may also recognize him as the judge in Liar, Liar.

also listen for: "Listen, Lucy, when I told my mother I was getting married to my wife, her intestines exploded. You tell them the truth now, you may as well shoot Grandma."

The trailer AND my favorite scene:


Erika said...

Love the paperboy--was it written that way or just a serendipitous happenstance too good to be true?

And you gotta watch Joe--he's leanin'...

Aubree Legler said...

that is one of my all-time favorite scenes from any movie. you get a gold star!

Laney said...

So why can Sandra relate to Lucy?
"Joe Jr's still single. Shocker"

Millie Motts said...

Answer: She had just broken up after a 4 year relationship.

RE: the paper boy scene - I've not been able to find out. Either way, it's one that bears rewatching over and over and over and over...