it happened on 5th avenue

the year: 1947

the genre: comedy

the cast: Don DeFore (Jim Bullock); Gale Storm (Trudy O'connor); Victor Moore (Aloysius T. Mckeever); Ann Harding (Mary O'Connor); Charles Ruggles (Michael J. 'Mike' O'Connor)

the plot: Each November third, Aloysuis T. McKeever moves into the vacated mansion of millionaire Michael O’Connor for the winter - since O'Connor is snowbirding in Virginia. McKeever’s idyllic home life is shaken up when he invites Jim Bullock to stay with him. Jim is an ex-serviceman who can’t find housing - he's just been evicted because O’Connor is tearing down Bullock’s apartment building to build offices. They soon "take in" Trudy, a girl they think is poor and all alone in New York, but who is really the runaway college daughter of O’Connor. Soon, they are also joined by two service buddies of Jim’s and their families.

Christmas is approaching and O’Connor finds Trudy working in a music store. She tells him everything and convinces him to pretend to be poor and out of work so he can meet Jim (who Trudy has fallen in love with), and the fun kicks into high gear from there.

don't miss: how McKeever rigs the fuse box so he'll know if someone comes in the mansion.

listen for: "Brady calling in. Everything okay at the O'Connor house. (wink) Exceptionally okay."

extra bonus points: if you know why the guy who plays Whitey Temple (one of Jim's army buddies) looks familiar.

This is one I recently saw for the first time and fell in love with. It's available on DVD or you can watch the movie in parts starting here.


Erika said...

That looks cute!

Millie Motts said...

Answer: Alan Hale, Jr. would go on to be the Skipper on Gilligan's Island.