bundle of joy

the year: 1956

the genre: comedy

the cast: Debbie Reynolds (Polly Parish); Eddie Fisher (Dan Merlin); Adolphe Menjou (J. B. Merlin); Tommy Noonan (Freddie Miller); Nita Talbot (Mary)

the plot: A remake of Bachelor Mother. Polly is fired from her job as salesclerk at J.B. Merlin’s department store and while waiting for an employment office to open she finds a cherubic blond baby in front of a foundling home. The helpful but obtuse employees think she is trying to abandon the baby because she has lost her job. Playing Guardian Angel, one of the administrators of the home visits J.B. Merlin’s to get Polly her job back. He sees the younger Mr. Merlin, Dan, who not only gives Polly her job back but a $10 raise. Poor Polly thinks the store has finally seen the light and realizes what a great employee she is, but her bubble is soon burst when the foundling home delivers the baby to her doorstep later that night. Through the course of the movie, she falls in love with the younger Merlin and complications ensue when J.B. thinks the baby is his grandchild.

don't miss: when Polly (as Dan's date at the fancy New Year's Eve dinner) pretends to be Swedish.

extra bonus points: if you recognize the actress who plays Mrs. Dugan from a Disney/Hayley Mills movie.

I'll be honest - I like Bachelor Mother a tiny bit better, but this one is great because Debbie Reynolds is just fun to watch - and the music is kind of swingin', too. Watch the trailer here.

You can watch the movie in parts starting here.

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Millie Motts said...

Answer: Una Merkel also played the part of Mariah Popham in Summer Magic.