the year: 1947

the genre: action/adventure

the cast: Gary Cooper (Captain Christopher Holden); Paulette Goddard (Abby); Howard daSilva (Garth); Boris Karloff (Guyasuta - Chief of the Senecas); Cecil Kellaway (Jeremy Love); Mike Mazurki (Bone)

the plot: In 1763, felon Abby Hale is sentenced to slavery in America. In Virginia, heroic Capt. Holden buys her, intending to free her, but villain Garth foils this plan, and Abby toils at Dave Bone's tavern. Garth is orchestrating an Indian uprising to clear the wilderness of settlers, giving him a monopoly of the fur trade. Holden discovers Garth's treachery, but can't prove anything against him. Can Holden and Abby save Fort Pitt from the Senecas?

listen for: "I don't know what the Good Lord was about when he made a female out of a perfectly good rib."

don't miss: Boris Karloff as the Seneca chief - I had to go back and watch to see if it was really him.

did you know: production was nicknamed "The Perils of Paulette" on the Paramount lot.

disclaimer: this is typical classic Hollywood "settlers are good and Indians are bad" which gets a bit annoying, but you've got to give it to Cecil B. deMille - he sure knew how to make epic adventure movies.

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