in the car

Name the movie:


Aubree Legler said...

wow. the perks of living on the east coast--and i actually know some of these!

1--how to marry a millionaire
3--thoroughly modern millie
5--yours, mine and ours (the first one)
6--to catch a thief
8--i feel like i should know this one...
9--sabrina (the first one)

Erika said...

1. I'll trust Aubree on this one
2. Walk don't Run?
3. Thoroughly Modern Millie (...in a rumble seat the world is so cozy...)
4. Topper
5. Yours, Mine and Ours
6. To Catch a Thief
7. Weekend in Havana?
8. Tammy?
9. Sabrina

Millie Motts said...

1. How to Marry a Millionaire
2. Walk, Don't Run
3. TMM
4. Topper Returns
5. Yours, Mine & Ours
6. How to Catch a Thief
7. Weekend in Havana
8. Tammy & the Bachelor
9. Sabrina