the 3 lives of thomasina

the year: 1964

the genre: drama

the cast: Patrick McGoohan (Andrew McDhui); Susan Hampshire (Lori MacGregor); Karen Dotrice (Mary McDhui); Matthew Garber (Geordie McNab)

the plot: Set in the town of Inveranoch, Scotland in 1912, the story centers around Andrew MacDhui a widower veterinarian, his seven year old daughter Mary, her cat Thomasina, and "Mad Lori" MacGregor.

don't miss: Mary's friends Geordie, Jamie and Hughie.

listen for: "They started out by calling me Thomas, but when they, um, got to know me better, they changed it to Thomasina."

did you know: Paul Gallico wrote this story. He was a prolific writer of fiction best known for Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris, The Poseidon Adventure, and The Snow Goose.

extra bonus points: if you can name the two other Disney movies (besides this one) that Matthew Garber and Karen Dotrice starred in together.