guess who.

When Bela Lugosi died virtually penniless, he quietly paid for the funeral.

He and several of his friends were banned from Marilyn Monroe's funeral by Joe DiMaggio.

He owned an extensive collection of electric toy trains. He had coveted electric trains as a boy and set up a track that wove through the path of his career. The train started at a replica of the Hoboken train station.

He served as a mentor to performer Harry Connick Jr., whom he referred to as "The Kid".

A provision in his will was that if anyone contested it, they would be automatically disinherited.

He was originally signed on to play Billy Bigelow in Carousel, but he walked off the set on the first day of filming after he found out that they were going to shoot each scene twice, using two different lens sizes, and was quoted as saying "I was paid to make one movie, not two".


Erika said...

Ol' Blue Eyes.

Laney said...

Ha ha! That was what I was going to post Erika. There are so many conflicting stories about him, but I still love Frankie!

Millie Motts said...


No kidding about the stories, Laney. Good thing his voice is fab!

Scott said...

You know, in addition to all the fluff movies he made, he was actually a decent dramatic actor. He did a great job in the original "Manchurian Candidate." He didn't sing a note in the whole movie but it was great. Angela Landsbury was fantastic as the villain as well.