the ultimate gift

the year: 2006

the genre: drama

the cast: James Garner (Howard "Red" Stevens); Bill Cobbs (Theophilus Hamilton); Lee Meriwether (Miss Hastings); Abigail Breslin (Emily); Drew Fuller (Jason Stevens); Ali Hillis (Alexia)

the plot: After the death of the oil tycoon Howard 'Red' Stevens, his greedy family is gathered in the office of his lawyer, partner and friend Mr. Theophillis 'Ted' Hamilton and his associate Miss Hastings for the reading of the will. For his reckless and selfish grandson Jason Stevens, who hated him, Red assigns twelve apparently simple tasks called "gifts" - challenging Jason to a journey of discoveries.

listen for: "Hello Emily, I missed you." "Whatever. Let's cut to the chase."

did you know: the (blind) author of this story, Jim Stovall, makes a cameo appearance in the move as a limousine driver.

extra bonus points: if you can name the 12 gifts.


Millie Motts said...

Answer: work, money, friends, learning, problems, family, laughter, dreams, giving, gratitude, a day, and love.

Lori said...

Love this one!! "My bench!" "I plan on knowing Jason the rest of my life."