nacho libre

the year: 2006

the genre: comedy

the cast: Jack Black (Nacho); Ana de la Reguera (Sister Encarnacion); Hector Jimenez (Esqueleto); Darius Rose (Chancho)

the plot: Nacho is a monastery cook, who spends his day feeding orphans and being underutilized (with "dead guy duty"). When Sister EncarnaciĆ³n arrives at the monastery, Nacho realizes that the only way to win her affection and to save the children, will be by competing as a Luchador wrestler.

don't miss: the summoning of the eagle powers - the film version is almost as good as a Sunbeam doing it before praying.

listen for: "How did you find me in the wilderness?" "I saw you from the village."

extra bonus points: if you know how many (and what kinds of) hugs and kisses Nacho sends in his letter.

also listen for:"I dunno why you always have to be judging me because I only believe in science."


Laney said...

I'd totally forgotten about Bradley's "summoning" before the prayer. That kid was a riot!


"big hug, big kiss, little kiss"

Scott said...

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Entrapment, The Sting, Nacho Libre. It has been quite the diverse week. I'm looking forward to tomorrow!

Millie Motts said...

I think you'll like it, Scott.

Jill said...

Oh, how much do I love Nacho. The quotability is nearly endless...

"Sometimes a man wears strechy pants...is for fun" is basically branded into my phraseology. Especially now with my big belly:)

Millie Motts said...

Answer: Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss.