guess who?

He said that he burned his tuxedo on his 75th birthday because he was through with formality.

He also said that his favorite sound was that of a V-8 engine.

Before he became an actor, he ran the family sporting goods store in Cleveland, Ohio.

He was among the celebrities on the famous "Enemies List" kept by President Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal.

He was training to be a pilot while in the Navy, but was discovered to be color-blind, ending his flying aspirations.

He was so ashamed of his debut in the failed costume drama The Silver Chalice, that he took out an ad in Variety apologizing for his performance.

Early in his acting career, he was often mistaken for Marlon Brando. He claims to have signed around 500 autographs reading, "Best wishes, Marlon Brando."


Laney said...

He was a handsome man! I've watched movies just because he was in it :D

Millie Motts said...

Answer: Paul Newman.