murder by death

the year: 1976

the genre: comedy

the cast: Eileen Brennan (Tess Skeffington); Truman Capote (Lionel Twain); James Coco (Milo Perrier); Peter Falk (Sam Diamond); Alec Guinness (Bensonmum); Elsa Lanchester (Jessica Marbles); David Niven (Dick Charleston); Peter Sellers (Sidney Wang); Maggie Smith (Dora Charleston); Nancy Walker (the Maid); Estelle Winwood (Nurse Withers); James Cromwell (Marcel); Richard Narita (Willie Wang)

the plot: Millionnaire Lionel Twain invites the five most brilliant private eyes to a dinner - and a murder. Exactly at midnight, a murder is set to take place, and Mr. Twain offers a million dollars to the one who can solve the murder. Will the most brilliant minds of our time be able to see through the elaborate set-up staged by a criminal mastermind?

listen for: "Oh, there. Voice come from cow on wall..." "Moose! MOOSE, you imbecile!"

did you know: the screaming doorbell uses Fay Wray's screams from King Kong.

extra bonus points: if you can name all the "real" fictional detectives that this movie spoofs.

don't miss: two of my favorite scenes here.

also listen for: "I don't hear nothin'. What do you hear?" "Double negative, and dog."


Erika said...

Nick and Nora Charles, Sam Spade, Charlie Chan....

Millie Motts said...


Aubree Legler said...

i saw this before i knew who nick and nora were. it's a lot funnier now. :)

Scott said...

Adding onto Erika's list, there's also a parody of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple--Agatha Christie's Juggernauts o' Justice

And may I just say it's a shame most people only know Sir Alec Guinness as Obi Wan Kenobi because he played some much more interesting characters.

Millie Motts said...


Erika said...

I have to say that the butler, Bensonmum, is without parallel. I especially like tasting the soup. :)