meet joe black

the year: 1998

the genre: drama

the cast: Anthony Hopkins (William Parrish); Brad Pitt (Joe Black / guy in the coffee shop); Claire Forlani (Susan Parrish); Jake Weber (Drew); Marcia Gay Harden (Allison); Jeffrey Tambor (Quince)

the plot: Wealthy media tycoon William Parrish leads a charmed existence until Death ("Joe Black") comes calling with an extraordinary proposition - he'll delay Bill's imminent demise in exchange for a tour of life. Innocent, enigmatic and often hilarious, Joe disrupts Bill's world of privilege and corporate intrigue. But when he falls for Bill's beautiful daughter, Joe threatens to change the rules. Now Bill must fight not only for his future, but for those he loves in this bittersweet tale of life and death.

watch for: Joe's penchant for peanut butter.

don't miss: how Drew gets what's coming to him.

listen for: "Easy Bill, you'll give yourself a heart attack and ruin my vacation. "

count: how many kinds of cake Allison orders for Bill to try.

did you know: at the time of its release, this was the most expensive film ever NOT to contain any special effects.

also listen for: "You got enough nice pictures?"

I wanted to include the trailer, but they somehow managed to take the one inappropriate scene and weave it thorough the whole darn trailer.


Erika said...

Side note: at a recent speed-dating event, one guy used the scene in the coffee shop from this movie as an argument for love at first sight. (If you see in on TV, it must be true!)

Laney said...

LOL! TV/Movie life is real, right?!

I can believe it was super expensive to make - it seemed quite extravagant. I love the soundtrack!

Scott said...

So I read this post on the iPod, and when you said "darn trailer" it looked to me like "dam trailer" and I thought to myself "we could use a couple of dam trailers." They lead to some dam good jokes. Or do I mean good dam jokes? Whichever...

Millie Motts said...

Wahoo! It's a "Scott dam" comment! I'm so glad!!