and to finish you - er, I mean IT - off...

You've got to admit, these harmonies are tight:

What would an Elvis movie be without a number where he sings to a bunch of kids?

Check out Elvis' mad uke skills. Think he learned during the filming of Blue Hawaii?

Elvis the philosopher:

Groovy. Well, at least the first part:

Do NOT miss the backup singers - Blaine, I think you'll *especially* like this one:

Keep an eye out for the striped pants (about :48):


Laney said...

I don't know if I have the tolerance for so much Elvis goodness! I might have to work my way up to it.

bporter said...

I prefer Gladis and the new Pips! And he's much better as Silky Seymore.

Erika said...

!!Oh, pretty, pretty please can we sing from behind a plant for the next Babbabbini?!? I LOVED it!

I think "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey" was the original inspiration for bobble-head dolls.