change of habit

the year: 1969

the drama: Elvis - but a drama

the cast: Elvis Presley (Dr. John Carpenter); Mary Tyler Moore (Michelle Gallagher); Barbara McNair (Irene Hawkins); Jane Elliot (Barbara Bennett)

the plot: Sister Michelle, Sister Irene and Sister Barbara are three nuns on the verge of taking their final vows. Just before they do, they are sent into a particularly rough neighborhood to see if they are ready to take that step. But there is a caveat: they must do so by pretending to be lay missionaries sent to work at an inner city clinic for a young doctor by the name of John Carpenter. The three nuns go about their duties without a hitch until Michelle begins to fall for John. Now Michelle must choose between her love for the young doctor or her life as a nun.

listen for: "I think our neighbours are Catholic." "Yes, it's too bad they're not Christian."

don't miss: Sister Barbara's penchant for picketing.

did you know: this was the only feature film starring Elvis Presley which wasn't released theatrically in Finland. (Random, right? But now you'll be prepared if Elvis is a category on Jeopardy!)


Erika said...

Those are some nice sideburns! I think you should try them, Scott.

Scott said...

Anyone else have a hard time accepting Elvis as a doctor?Or Mary Tyler Moore as a nun for that matter? Maybe all those years as Dick Van Dyke's wife were just too much for her