the year: 1967

the genre: elvis musical

the cast: Elvis Presley (Scott Hayward/"Tom Wilson"); Shelley Farbares (Dianne Carter); Will Hutchins (Tom Wilson/"Scott Hayward"); Bill Bixby (James J. Jamison III)

the plot: Scott Hayward (who's tired of woman fawning over him because he's rich) meets Tom Wilson (who's on his way to his new job as a water skiing instructor at a Miami resort). They envy each other and decide to switch places. Scott meets Dianne (who is trying to land a rich guy) and when playboy James Jamison catches her eye, she asks Scott to help her snag him. Scott agrees to but, of course, finds himself attracted to her. If that weren't enough drama, Scott also decides to build a boat for the upcoming speedboat race but he's using an experimental chemical which doesn't hold in water - oh the humanity!

don't miss: the fantastic special effects when anyone water skis.

count: the oil wells surrounding Miami.

watch for: a cameo appearance by Flipper.

listen for: "I call karate!" "Oh, shut up." (insert punch here.)

also don't miss: the rainbow ribbon pants (see above - far right). I want a pair. Badly.

extra bonus points: if you know what's wrong with the electric guitar Elvis plays during the song "Clambake".

also listen for: "And I'm Hortense Finkeldopper."


Erika said...

Yes, but what do you want to DO to the rainbow ribbon pants?

The painting the boat scene is really quite amusing. You've never seen so much wiggling!

My guess for the bonus--either no strings or it's a lefty guitar.

Scott said...

I think the problem with the guitar is that it's Elvis playing

Millie Motts said...

All good guesses. Answer: The electric guitar wasn't plugged in.

bporter said...

Clambake? Shouldn't it be more like Halfbaked. As in all Elvis movies are Halfbaked!