bye bye birdie

the year: 1963

the genre: musical

the cast: Dick Van Dyke (Albert Peterson); Janet Leigh (Rosie DeLeon); Ann-Margaret (Kim McAfee); Maureen Stapleton (Mae Peterson); Bobby Rydell (Hugo Peabody); Paul Lynde (Harry McAfee); Ed Sullivan (Himself)

the plot: None-too-successful songwriter Albert Peterson hatches a plot with his secretary - and long-suffering girlfriend - to get rock-and-roll phenomenon Conrad Birdie to sing one of his songs on The Ed Sullivan Show. The pop star would then symbolically kiss goodbye to a young lady chosen at random from the country's womanhood, this being his last appearance before being drafted. Complicated to start with, things get more tricky as everyone including Albert's clinging mother descend on the small town where the chosen girl lives.

count: how many females faint when Conrad sings "You Gotta Be Sincere".

watch for: another case of an unplugged electric guitar during the opening chords of "You Gotta Be Sincere".

don't miss: the "Telephone Hour".

listen for: "Randolph, your father's warned you. If you make another bomb, you'll get spanked."

did you know: The sheet music of Birdie's next hit song, "Mumbo Jumbo Gooey Gumbo," which Albert picks up from the piano in his first scene, is the same music as the title tune, "Bye Bye Birdie."

extra bonus points: if you know why Albert's music company is called "ALMAELOU."


Erika said...

What a gratuitous waste of gold lamee fabric....or is that an oxymoron? :)

Erika said...

Is Al-son, Mae-mother, Lou-father?

Millie Motts said...


Scott said...

I admit the clip you posted here is one I will stubbornly avoid. I played the little brother in this show in high school and have suffered enough from all these songs. I still wake up occasionally with "We love you Conrad, Oh yes we do" cycling through my head. Maybe they should play this at Git-Mo.