guest blogger: laney

I love movies. LOTS of people love movies. I'll admit that "seen any good movies lately?" is a "go to" question I often use in social situations. (It's worth a good 10 minutes of sharing by my hairstylist.) So, as the first in an ongoing series, meet Laney from Cache of Panache and learn about some of the movies she likes!

1. In the last year, what's the best movie you've seen?

2. What do you think is one of the most underrated movies?
Finding Neverland

3. Which movie(s) do you think has the best soundtrack or score?
Original Score – Gettysburg and Dances With Wolves
Popular Music – Remember the Titans and Back to the Future

4. Have you ever watched a movie that changed your opinion about something? If so, what was it?
I didn’t think I’d like a foreign film, especially not dubbed. I watched “Life Is Beautiful” in Italian with English subtitles after I watched the dubbed. It was so much more enjoyable in Italian. Plus, it probably helps that Italian is a cousin to Spanish so I could understand some of it. I loved that movie!

5. Which movie is one of your guilty pleasures?
Just about anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

6. What's a movie that no one would expect you to love?
Predator – I watched it in Elementary School with my Dad and will watch it whenever it’s on TV.

7. Name a movie that you didn't like at first, but that eventually grew on you.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail

8. What is your favorite movie(s) based on a book?
Jane Austen minus Mansfield Park, Harry Potter minus Order of the Phoenix, The Secret of Nimh, Lord of the Rings –because I’m NEVER reading those books, Jurassic Park

9. Is there an older movie that you think would be great as a remake?
Lost Horizon – NOT as a musical

10. What is the most hilarious movie(s) you've ever seen?
The first time I watched Tommy Boy, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Trading Places. I laughed my head off. They all still crack me up.

11. Name a movie that you hate but everyone else loves.
Napoleon Dynamite & Citizen Kane.

12. Which movie(s) do you wish you had seen in the theater?
Inception & The Ten Commandments


B Porter said...

If A-A-A Arnold had been in Monty Python, it wouldn't have taken so long to grow on her!

Scott said...

I would venture that only critics like Citizen Kane. Real people, not so much.

For some reason I have absolutely no trouble believing you love Predator.

I think I like this Guest Blogger idea

Erika said...

I concur on Citizen Kane. We had to watch it in my college ENG class. Not sure why the AFI would say it was the best movie ever.

Laney said...

I've never understood the hype with CK, but I have some friends/coworkers that love it. It's an awful movie.

And Scott - I think that reason is because you know me more than just a little bit ;)