guest blogger: aubree

In the last year, what's the best movie you've seen?
Any movie that keeps the kiddo's attention. Most recently it's been Tangled and Kung Fu Panda. I've really enjoyed watching Invictus--I know it's been out for a while, but we have re-watched it in the past year, and I think it's really well done.

What do you think is one of the most underrated movies?
The Court Jester--at least my husband underrates it. :)

Which movie do you think has the best soundtrack?
There are so many to choose from!! Apollo 13, Lord of the Rings, the Narnia movies, anything done by Hans Zimmer (and he's done a LOT!) You've Got Mail, Fantasia 2000, Sound of Music (it's a wee bit simplistic, but the floating meters are interesting as different themes throughout), Shrek (it was fresh and original in it's day), just about anything done by Mancini, --is that enough to go on?

Have you ever watched a movie that changed your opinion about something? If so, what was it?
I wish I could remember the title, but in seventh grade we watched a movie about the apartheid in South Africa. It was pretty intense, and really eye-opening. (Especially for a rather sheltered Mesa girl.) It showed the racial tensions between all the ethnic groups, not just the blacks and whites. It also showed a lot of the sacrifices made by different people to try and make things better, and it was rather well done.

Which movie is one of your guilty pleasures?
It's hardly a guilty pleasure per se, but I really, really enjoy the new Batman movies. And they have a great soundtrack. By Hans Zimmer. They're great. You should see them. If you've already seen them, you should see them again. Like now.

What's a movie that no one would expect you to love?
Live Free or Die Hard--hooray for unbelievable, fluffy action!

Name a movie that you didn't like at first, but that eventually grew on you.
Nacho Libre--but I still won't put it on. I can just tolerate it if someone else puts it on now. I don't care for Jack Black.

What is your favorite movie based on a book?
Do you mean the movie I like the most based on a book? The movie that most accurately follows a book? Mary Poppins (Actually, Disney does a fairly decent job on a couple of movies from books. Peter Pan comes to mind.) A movie that stays truest to the spirit of a book? The Gwyneth Paltrow version of Emma. The best adaptation of a book? Um, I think I'd have to go with The Lord of the Rings.

Is there an older movie that you think would be great as a remake?
I personally think The Sorcerer's Apprentice should be remade. It had a lot of potential, and they killed it. It should be redone right.

What is the most hilarious movie you've ever seen?
The Importance of Being Earnest--ha ha ha ha ha! There are quite a few scenes from various movies that crack me up every single time I watch them. Like the newspaper boy in While You Were Sleeping, the time Rumsfield falls off the roof in The 'Burbs, when Wolf and the squirrel are lost in the caves in Hoodwinked. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!

Name a movie that you love but everyone else hates (or vice versa).
The Court Jester--at least Scott hates it. :) One that I hate that everyone else loves--George of the Jungle.

Which movie(s) do you wish you had seen in the theater?
Planet Earth or Fantasia 2000 in IMAX.


B Porter said...

"Unbelievable fluffy action"? Ah, come on, it's totally believable compared with the XXX State of the Union or Van Disel movies!

Laney said...

HERE HERE! The Importance of Being Ernest is so funny...both versions I've seen.

Scott said...

In my defense, if it weren't for the songs that get stuck in your head for days, the almost universal bad acting, ridiculously corny lines, and plot holes the size of Texas, the Court Jester would be just fine.

Millie Motts said...

Scott, you just didn't watch it soon enough. It's kind of like Scooby Doo. If you loved it when you were young, you can forgive a lot when you're older.

B Porter said...

Scrappy Doo can never be forgiven!