the awful truth

the year: 1937

the genre: comedy

the cast: Irene Dunne (Lucy Warriner); Cary Grant (Jerry Warriner); Ralph Bellamy (Daniel Leeson)

the plot: Jerry and Lucy Warriner lead madcap high society lives in New York City. Despite being very happy, they start to doubt each other's fidelity and they finally decide to divorce. Lucy wins custody of the dog but Jerry secures visitation rights. Before their divorce is final they both become engaged to other people. She meets Dan Leeson, a rich but boring Oklahoma oil man who travels with his mother. Jerry courts Barbara Vance,debutante and heiress. Each does their best to foil the other's plans, with hilarious results.

listen for: "You know what rebound is? That business of trying to get over one love by bouncing into love with somebody else? It's fine, except the rebound is rarely the real thing. As a matter of fact, it's the bunk. There's the first bounce, then the second bounce, and, well look at me. You wind up like an old tennis ball."

extra bonus points: if you know why Smitty/Mr. Smith looks familiar.

also listen for: "They forgot to touch second."

don't miss: when Jerry finds Armand in the bedroom.

did you know: in this film Irene Dunne calls Cary Grant's character 'Jerry The Nipper'. The following year in Bringing Up Baby, Katherine Hepburn's character says "Haven't you heard of Jerry The Nipper?" to which Grant replies "She's making it up out of motion pictures she's seen".

my favorite scene:


Scott said...

My guess is he was the dull, mother-obsessed, rival love interest in "His Girl Friday," another of Cary Grants films.

Erika said...

I like how he almost starts laughing a couple of times during her...contributions..to the before dinner conversation. :)

Lori said...

Just watched this one. Loved how she scandalously tries to imitate the 'wind' song of the Southern Belle....

Millie Motts said...

Answer: The same dog played Asta in the Thin Man movies.