quotes: vegas, baby!

Name the movie:

1. Welcome everyone. I am your dam guide, Arnie. Now I'm about to take you through a fully funtional power plant, so please, no one wander off the dam tour and please take all the dam pictures you want. Now are there any dam questions?

2. Um, all right, let's go over the list again. Ah, Swinging Priest?
Not enough people.
Crazy Larry?
Not enough people.
Soft Shoulder?
Not enough people.
Baker's Dozen?
No woman [pause] and not enough people.
Hell in a Handbasket?
We can't train a cat that quickly [pause] and...not enough people.

3. Ah - that's the Hoover Dam, one of the seven modern civil engineering wonders of the century. Do you know its over 700 feet from the River Colorado to the top of the dam. The dam helps make enough electricity to light up homes 300 miles away.

4. You'd need at least a dozen guys doing a combination of cons.
Like what, do you think?
Off the top of my head, I'd say you're looking at a Boeski, a Jim Brown, a Miss Daisy, two Jethros and a Leon Spinks, not to mention the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever.

5. You got it backwards kid. You play cards the way you should lead your life. And you lead your life the way you should play cards.

6. I won! Look at this! I won $11 million! Can you believe it? Look at that! I won $11 million. Did you see that? I can't believe it!

7. I am not going out there as a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be Tina Turner. I can't afford therapy on my salary.


Erika said...

2. Oceans Twelve
4. Oceans Eleven
7. Miss Congeniality Two

Laney said...

2. Ocean's 12
3. Fools Rush In?
4. Ocean's 11
6. Ocean's 13
The first one I can't place...but it sounds like something Scott would love ;)

Scott said...

1. National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation
5. Cool Hand Luke?

You know considering Las Vegas is land locked, there is a preponderance of Ocean

Millie Motts said...

Another great team effort!

1. Vegas Vacation
2. Ocean's Twelve
3. Viva Las Vegas
4. Ocean's Eleven
5. Lucky You
6. Ocean's Thirteen
7. Miss Congeniality II