the year: 2005

the genre: comedy

the plot: Spoiled by their upbringing with no idea of what wild life is really like, four animals from New York Central Zoo escape, unwittingly assisted by four absconding penguins, and find themselves in Madagascar, among a bunch of merry lemurs.

don't miss: King Julien & Maurice.

listen for: "Remember, cute and cuddly, boys. Cute and cuddly."

did you know: the airplane that the Lemurs hold court in is a Lockheed Electra, the same kind Amelia Earhart was flying when she disappeared on July 2, 1937.

extra bonus points: if you know who sang the version of "Born Free" used in the film.

also listen for: "If you have any poo, fling it now."

did you also know: during the scene where Private is attempting to gain access to the oil tanker controls, "WHATApiece OFworkIsPenGuin" can been seen on the computer screen behind him. This is a reference to the Shakespeare quote, "What a piece of work is man!" from "Hamlet".

count: the lemurs.


Laney said...

Andy Williams?

"You didn't see a thing."

Erika said...

Lol. That was the EXACT quote I was going to post, Laney!

Millie Motts said...

Answer: MoTab!

Laney said...

REALLY!? MoTab. That's super cheesy goodness right there.

Erika - that's just awesome ;)