guess who.

She took ballet as a child and always played the boy's role due to being the tallest in her class.

Her childhood dinner for many years consisted of Tabasco and saltine crackers, which often resulted in bad dreams of her missing the bus to ballet class.

She is credited by Michael Caine as being one of his mentors.

She and Barbra Streisand celebrate their joint birthday together every year.

She said, “I had a video made of my recent knee operation. The doctor said it was the best movie I ever starred in.”

Her brother is Warren Beatty.


Laney said...

Michael Caine sees her as a mentor. That's really interesting to me...they're not that much different in age. Her character in Steel Magnolias is one of my all time favorites.

Laney said...

Shirley Maclaine (sp?)

Millie Motts said...

Correct! Shirley MacLaine.