topper returns

the year: 1941

the genre: comedy / suspense

the cast: Joan Blodell (Gail Richards); Carole Landis (Ann Carrington); Roland Young (Cosmo Topper); Billie Burke (Clara Topper); Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson (Eddie); Dennis O'Keefe (Bob the taxi driver)

the plot: Banker Cosmo Topper gallantly offers a lift to pretty hitchhikers Gail Richards and Ann Carrington, who are en route to a chilly old mansion, recently inherited by Ann and populated by all manner of sinister types. The only person whom the girls can trust -- or can they? -- is Ann' father. Unable to sleep in the creepy mansion, Gail suggests that she and Ann exchange bedrooms. This proves to be a fatal error when a mysterious, hooded assailant, intending to murder Ann, kills Gail instead. Gail’s ghost convinces Mr. Topper to help her identify her killer and to rescue Ann from a similar fate.

count: the number of candelabras - Liberace would be jealous!

don’t miss: the showdown between Rochester and the seal.

check out: the supporting characters: the bumbling Sgt. Roberts, Emily, the harried maid, and the Rebecca-esque housekeeper Lillian.

listen for: “Oh yes, there's something else. Let me see, I paid the milkman, that luncheon's been changed from Thursday to Friday...oh yes - there's been a murder."

watch the trailer: here

extra bonus points: (this is an easy one) name Billie Burke's most famous role.


Millie Motts said...

Answer: Glinda the Good Witch in the Wizard of Oz.

Erika said...

Ooh! Mom and I got that one right. Go us!