people will talk

the year: 1951

the genre: drama

the cast: Cary Grant (Dr. Noah Praetorius); Jeanne Crain (Deborah Higgins); Finlay Currie (Shunderson); Hume Cronyn (Professor Rodney Elwell)

the plot: Dr. Noah Praetorius is a university professor and practicing gynecologist, with his own medical clinic. He is a bit of a Renaissance man, conducting the university's student and faculty orchestra. He is also a controversial figure in the world of medicine because of his belief that medicine is not merely a technical science, but also an emotional one - where the well being of patient is in large part dependent upon their mental state. One of his newest patients is Deborah Higgins, who is suffering under some personal issues. But Dr. Praetorius may not be able to help Deborah or any other patients if Rodney Elwell, one of Dr. Praetorius' fellow university professors, has his way. Elwell plans on mounting a case against Dr. Praetorius to a university disciplinary board and part of his case is trying to find information about Mr. Shunderson, Praetorius' constant and mysterious elderly companion.

count: how many “beeps” signal Professor Barker’s turn on the train tracks.

don’t miss: the interaction between Mr. Shunderson and Professor Elwell.

listen for: “Professor Elwell, you are the only man I know who can say 'malignant' the way other people say 'Bingo!'.”

extra bonus points: If you can name the character Hume Cronyn played in The Pelican Brief (1993).


Erika said...

You know, violin studio musicians must have made a killing during the 1940s-50s drama phase.

I love the train scene best, closely followed by the orchestra practices/performance.

Millie Motts said...

Answer: Justice Rosenberg.