on the town

the year: 1949

the genre: musical

the cast: Gene Kelly (Gabey); Frank Sinatra (Chip); Jules Munshin (Ozzie); Vera-Ellen (Ivy Smith); Ann Miller (Claire Huddesen); Betty Carrett (Brunhilde Esterhazy)

the plot: Three sailors - Gabey, Chip and Ozzie – are let loose on a 24-hour pass in New York and the Big Apple will never be the same! Gabey falls head over heels for "Miss Turnstiles of the Month" (he thinks she's a high society deb when she's really a dancer at Coney Island); innocent Chip gets hijacked (literally) by a lady cab driver; and Ozzie becomes the object of interest of a gorgeous anthropologist who thinks he's the perfect example of a "prehistoric man".

did you know: this was the first musical feature film to be shot on location. At the end of "New York, New York", as the camera tilts up at Rockefeller Plaza, you can see the skating rink lined with spectators watching Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly.

don’t miss: Chip’s thwarted attempts to see the sights of NYC. My favorite scene is "You're Awful" atop the Empire State Building.

check out: Ozzie hanging around the Empire State Building.

listen for: “You oughta feel proud that three sailors from the United States Navy got off the ship for one day, and what did they do? Were they thirsty for hard liquor? No. They were thirsty for culture. Were they running after girls? No. They came running to the museum to see your dinosaur. For months out at sea they were dreaming about your dinosaur.”

great videos here, here, and my favorite here.

extra bonus points: if you can name the other two movies where Frank and Gene co-starred together.


Erika said...

One's a baseball one, but that's all I've got...

Millie Motts said...


Answer: Take Me Out to the Ballgame (with Esther Williams) and Anchors Aweigh (with Kathryn Grayson).