hit the deck

the year: 1955

the genre: musical

the cast: Tony Martin (Chief Boatswain's Mate William F. Clark); Vic Damone (Rico Ferrari); Russ Tamblyn (Danny Xavier Smith); Ann Miller (Ginger); Jane Powell (Susan Smith); Debbie Reynolds (Carol Pace); Walter Pidgeon (Rear Admiral Xavier Smith)

the plot: Three navy friends, Bill, Rico and Danny have been given 48-hour shore leave, and they are determined to hit the town and have some fun. Bill opts to visit his girlfriend, showgirl Ginger, who has waited six long and futile years for Bill to propose. Rico goes home to visit his mom, while Danny visits his admiral father and his sister Susan. The three navy friends agree to rendezvous later in the evening with dates, although things get messed up pretty quick. Ginger, her patience exhausted, wants to dump the noncomitant Bill. Susan’s date for the evening is ruined by an overly-protective Danny. The misunderstanding and resulting fisticuffs between the sailors and Susan’s date soon has the shore patrol in hot pursuit of Bill, Rico, and Danny. The three friends end up cooling their heels at Rico's place while trying to figure out a way to avoid court martial or worse.

did you know: Ann Miller’s character Ginger was a nod to Ginger Rogers in Follow the Fleet – a movie on which HTD was (very) loosely based.

don’t miss: the Shore Patrol.

also don’t miss: how Bill messes with Mr. Peroni’s mind.

listen for: “This morning I had four men fighting over me. Now I've got nothing. “

extra bonus points: if you can name two other musicals starring Russ Tamblyn.

trailer is here.


Erika said...

"Why, oh why, and wherefore is there no one to care for me?" is a very catchy song--even when that's the only phrase you remember!

Bonus-half credit: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Millie Motts said...

Other bonus half-credit: West Side Story. :)