thoroughly modern millie

the year: 1967

the genre: musical

the cast: Julie Andrews (Millie Dillmount); James Fox (Jimmy Smith); Mary Tyler Moore (Miss Dorothy Brown); Carol Channing (Muzzy Van Hoffsmeer); John Gavin (Trevor Graydon); Beatrice Lillie (Mrs. Meers)

the plot: Millie Dillmount comes to New York is search of a secretarial job and an unattached boss. She moves into a hotel for women, run by kindly Mrs. Meers and befriends the pretty orphan Dorothy Brown. Millie finds work with the handsome bachelor Trevor Graydon, but Trevor has his eyes on Dorothy. So too does Mrs. Meers, who despite her kindly exterior is actually an unscrupulous white slaver. Paper clip salesman Jimmy Smith, on the other hand, pledges his undying love to Millie. After attending a weekend party being given at the opulent Long Island mansion of Muzzy Van Hossmere, Dorothy disappears. When Jimmy and Millie smell opium in Dorothy's room, they realize the awful truth about Mrs. Meers. Trying to rescue Dorothy and find the location of Mrs. Meers' hideout, Jimmy disguises himself as an orphaned woman and tries to get himself kidnapped. The scheme backfires, however, and Mrs. Meers drugs and kidnaps both Jimmy and Trevor. It is left to Millie to find the white slavers, free her friends and save the day.

count: Muzzy's instructors.

don't miss: when Jimmy happens upon Judith Tremain at Millie's office building.

check out: the poor, put upon taxi driver.

listen for: "Operator, you have obviously never been in a Chinese opium den!"

Extra bonus points: if you can guess which of Millie's outfits is my sister's favorite.


Erika said...

Hint for the extra bonus points: It's 'unspeakably fatal!'

This is another of my all-time favorites! They based a broadway play on the movie and it is very good as well.

Love the costumes. Love the scenery. Love the music, and here's a shout out to all those who memorized the 'Tapioca' choreography! After all, "Art reflects life."

Elena said...

I know that one! Erika did look stunning in hers. I think I like it better than the movie version...

bporter said...

Soy sauce, the original oxiclean solution!