walk, don't run

the year: 1966

the genre: comedy

the cast: Cary Grant (Sir William Rutland); Samantha Eggar (Christine Easton); Jim Hutton (Steve Davis); John Standing (Julius D. Haversack)

the plot: Sir William Rutland ("Bill") arrives in Tokyo a couple days early before the Olympic Games of 1964. With no hotel rooms available anywhere, Bill pulls a notice card from the British Embassy's bulletin board and talks his way into subletting a room in Christine Easton's apartment. Soon, Bill encounters Steve Davis, an architecture student and Olympic athlete, who also has no room for the night, so he sublets part of the apartment to Davis. Bill then plays matchmaker to the younger pair.

count: the number of times Steve successfully avoids identifying the event he’ll be participating in at the Olympics.

don’t miss: the mystery of the missing pants.

check out: the trailer here

listen for: “You remind me of myself when I was younger, only I was MUCH taller."

extra bonus points: if you can identify the song Bill whistles while making his morning coffee.

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Millie Motts said...

Answer: the theme song from Charade, in which Cary Grant starred 3 years earlier.