how to steal a million

the year: 1966

the genre: comedy

the cast:Audrey Hepburn (Nicole Bonnet); Peter O'Toole (Simon Dermott); Eli Wallach (Leland Davis); Hugh Griffith(Charles Bonnet)

the plot: Charles Bonnet, the latest in a long line of master art forgers, loans one of his best works, the Cellini Venus, to a Paris museum despite his daughter Nicole's objections. Nicole later surprises the tuxedo-clad Simon Dermott trying to steal a painting from the Bonnet house, but can't call the police because her father's hobby might be discovered. Instead she drives Simon back to his hotel and later asks him to steal the Venus before it is tested by the museum for insurance purposes – which will expose the statue as a fake. Simon - not really a burglar, intrigued by the challenge, and now smitten with Miss Bonnet - agrees to the proposal.

listen for: "Well, it was pitch dark and there he was. Tall, blue eyes, slim, quite good-looking... in a brutal, mean way, Papa. A terrible man!"

check out: Simon's instructions for driving a stolen car.

don’t miss: the normal human reactions.

did you know: Peter O'Toole and Audrey Hepburn kept getting the giggles while filming the closet scenes, which resulted in several retakes.

count: on chaos at midnight when the cleaning ladies show up.

listen for: "Miss Bonnet and I are old friends. We used to shoot together."


Erika said...

"Is this how you always think--by the mile??"
"Well, for one thing it gives Givenchy the night off."
Another great one!

Millie Motts said...

SO hard to narrow the quotes down to just one - thanks for adding more!!

bporter said...


Jenny said...

I remember, I watched this right after I found out you were moving. I sobbed and fell in love.