north by northwest

the year: 1959

the genre: mystery & suspense

the cast: Cary Grant (Roger O. Thornhill); Eva Marie Saint (Eve Kendall); James Mason (Phillip Vandamm); Leo G. Carroll (The Professor)

the plot: Madison Avenue advertising executive Roger O. Thornhill is mistaken for a government agent by a gang of spies. He gets involved in a series of misadventures and is pursued across the States by both the spies and the government whilst being helped by a beautiful blonde.

count: the height difference between the Redcap who Roger steals a uniform from and Roger - who fits the uniform perfectly.

don’t miss: Hitch's brief cameo in the first few seconds of the film. He misses the bus.

check out: a young extra in the background (during the scene in the diner at Mount Rushmore) anticipating the gun shot, fired by Eve.

listen for: "I've got a job, a secretary, a mother, two ex-wives and several bartenders dependant upon me, and I don't intend to disappoint them all by getting myself "slightly" killed."

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Laney said...

I finally watched it. Eve bugged me some. But I liked it overall.