the year: 1944

the genre: mystery & suspense

the cast: Gene Tierney (Laura Hunt); Dana Andrews (Mark McPherson); Clifton Webb (Waldo Lydecker); Vincent Price (Shelby Carpenter)

the plot: When the famous advertising executive Laura Hunt is found dead in her apartment killed by a shotgun, Detective Lieutenant Mark McPherson is put in charge of the investigation. He interviews the prime suspects and friends of Laura including the snob and arrogant journalist Waldo Lydecker who promoted Laura at the beginning of her career then fell in love with her; and her fiancé, the playboy Shelby Carpenter. McPherson falls in love with the dead woman's portrait -- only to find that she wasn't murdered after all.

don’t miss: Waldo Lydecker’s description of the doorbell. (my favorite line from the movie)

check out: this site for an in-depth plot synopsis if you can’t get your hands on a copy – but know it won’t be ANYWHERE as good as watching the B&W cinematography and Dana Andrews in action on the screen. If you can stand the wait - do.

listen for: “I should be sincerely sorry to see my neighbor's children devoured by wolves.”

also listen for: the beautifully haunting "Laura Theme".

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