moon over miami

the year: 1941

the genre: musical

the cast: Betty Grable (Kay Latimer / Miss Adams); Don Ameche (Phil O’Neil); Carole Landis (Barbara Latimer / Miss Sears); Robert Cummings (Jeffrey Boulton II); Charlotte Greenwood (Aunt Susan Latimer); Jack Haley (Jack O’Hara)

the plot: After coming into a much smaller inheritance than expected, Kay and Barbara and their Aunt Susan Latimer abandon the Texas greasy-spoon where they work to and head to Miami in search of rich husbands. With Barbara posing as Kay's secretary and Susan as her maid, the three check into a posh Miami hotel. Soon Kay is in the delightful predicament of being pursued by two handsome, wealthy bachelors at once. Of course, complications arise…

count: how far behind on their rent the girls get.

don’t miss: Jack and his penchant for “Guaca-mala” sauce.

check out: how Kay gets invited to Jeff's party.

listen for: “Let's see what do we want? We want you, the juice of the grape and a good hot dance band.” “But right now we'll settle for those potato chips and cheese.”

extra bonus points: if you can name Jack Haley’s most famous movie role.


Laney said...

oooh oooh, I know it! The Tin Man. It was all the Trivial Pursuit last night that got me primed for this question. Give me another one, I'm on a roll!

Millie Motts said...

Ok - since you were so quick at that one...Jack Haley is which famous actress' father-in-law?

Laney said...

You mean former FIL? ;) Ok, I totally cheated on that one. I looked it up -- Liza Minnelli.

Aubree Legler said...

I keep telling myself that one of these days I'll try the Moons Over My Hammy breakfast at Denny's

Anyone else have a hard time connecting the Don Ameche of this movie to the Don Ameche of Harry and the Hendersons? -- Scott

Laney said...

WOW - that was the same person!?! Yes, I didn't connect the two.

And Moons Over My Hammy is my favorite thing at Denny's -- It's been 6 or 7 years since I had one. Blaine is not a breakfast fan *sniff*