goodbye, mr. chips

the year: 1969

the genre: drama

the cast: Peter O’Toole (Arthur Chipping); Petula Clark (Katherine Bridges); Michael Redgrave (The Headmaster); Sian Phillips (Ursula Mossbank); Michael Bryant (Max Staefel)

the plot: Arthur Chipping is an academic teaching at Brookfield Boys School outside of London in the 1920's. Although he does what he considers best for his students, they don't much like him, nicknaming him "Ditchy, short for dull as ditch water". His life changes when he meets Katherine Bridges, a music hall actress who affectionately calls him Mr. Chips. Despite their differences, they fall in love and decide to get married. She forgoes her career to be Mrs. Chips, living on campus as the housewife of a teacher at a proper boy's school. It is a world in which she will have to learn the rules, or at least bend them to her sensibilities, although she vows never to embarrass him. Katherine's arrival at Brookfield may change Chips' standing at the school. Further changes ensue for the Chips' and Brookfield with the onset of World War II.

count: how many children Chips & Katie have. All boys.

check out: the music – it’s my favorite musical soundtrack. Ever.

don’t miss: Ursula. She's just...Ursula.

listen for: “Since you cannot conceivably know what my age is, your most flattering compliment must be based on a somewhat conjectural premise.”

also listen for: the campus roll call. Compare the names for each one.

hanky rating (out of 5): 4. But it's a GOOD cry.

p.s. This is a color movie - not sure why all the images I could track down were in B&W.


bporter said...

Because they're of those "Dear old school days", back before they had "a lot of flowers, in the WORLD today!"

Did you copy the sound track while you were here?

Laney said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! It's by far one of the all time greats. The only song I have to make fun of is "Apollo" - it's just too serious and cheesy for me.

Favorite scenes - Any that Ursula was in, when the headmaster indirectly insults his wife, and when the headmasters wife tries to keep up singing with Katherine.

This is on the definite HAVE TO BUY DVD list.

P.S. Great rating system. Must agree with you!