guess who?

He was 6' 1 1/2" tall.

He was born in Horfield, Bristol, England.

Before being a movie star he toured with an acrobatic troupe.

Ian Fleming modeled the James Bond character with him in mind.

Some of the characters he played had names such as Dexter, Mortimer, Eugene, Barnaby and Ernest.

Passed away in Ames, Iowa.

He once phoned hotel mogul Conrad Hilton in Istanbul, Turkey, to find out why his breakfast order at the Plaza Hotel, which called for muffins, came with only one and a half English muffins instead of two. When he insisted that the explanation (a hotel efficiency report had found that most people ate only three of the four halves brought to them) still resulted in being cheated out of a half, the Plaza Hotel changed its policy and began serving two complete muffins with breakfast. From then on, he often spoke of forming an English Muffin-Lovers Society, members of which would be required to report any hotel or restaurant that listed muffins on the menu and then served fewer than two.

He was a great fan of Elvis Presley.

His favorite after-shave was Acqua Di Parma. (Random, right?)

At one time, he owned a Sealyham terrier called Archie Leach.


Laney said...

I knew at the very beginning! I love Cary Grant. I can't remember his given name....Archibald Leach? I might have that wrong. Anyway, LOVE his fight for the English Muffin. Thanks for all the random tid bits you share.

Millie Motts said...

Correct, and correct!