the year: 1994

the genre: comedy

the cast: Tim Robbins (Ed Walters); Walter Matthau (Albert Einstein); Meg Ryan (Catherine Boyd); Stephen Fry (James Moreland)

the plot: Edward Walters, an auto mechanic, falls for the intelligent and beautiful Catherine Boyd. Unfortunately, she's engaged to James "The Rat Man" Moreland. Fortunately, Catherine's uncle (who happens to be Albert Einstein) likes Ed, and with his mischievous colleages, schemes to make Catherine fall for Ed.

don't miss: Ed being fed the test answers by Nathan, Kurt, Boris and Albert.

count: how many nickels you would have if you had a nickel for every nickel James has.

listen for: "Be right there, Ike!"

watch for: Uncle Albert "steering ze boat".

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Erika said...

I also love it when they help Ed dress like a scientist..."no, no, that's too fashionable."