in search of the castaways

the year: 1962

the genre: adventure

the cast: Maurice Chevalier (Jacques Paganel); Hayley Mills (Mary Grant); George Sanders (Thomas Ayerton)

the plot: The Grant children know their shipwrecked father must still be alive because they received his message in a bottle. With the help of Monsieur Paganel their searches take them from earthquake, fire, flood, to a cannibal tribe.

did you know: Hayley Mills made this film two years after her father, John Mills, starred in Swiss Family Robinson also made by Walt Disney about shipwrecked castaways.

listen for: "Why would a shark swallow a bottle?" "What was in his mind, I don't know. I only know what was in his stomach."

don't miss: Old Bill Gaye - he be smart!

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Erika said...

Oh, I'm glad you put that last thought on. That was what first popped into my head: "I be smaaaaaart." Well, that and "Enjoy it!"