the year: 2005

the genre: comedy

the plot: The candy recipes of the goody shops have been stolen by the Goody Bandit, and many animals are out of business. While the police are chasing the criminal, there is a mess at Granny's house involving Little Red Hiding Hood, The Wolf, The Woodsman and Granny, disturbing the peace in the forest. They are all arrested by the impatient Chief Grizzly, but Detective Nicky Flipper is in charge of the investigation. As each of the accused gives his/her own version of the incident, Flipper uses the information to disclose the identity of the evil Goody Bandit.

listen for: "This looks pretty open and shut. Little miss rosy-capes making covert deliveries to the goodie-tycoon. Wolfie tries to eat 'em both, then crazy flannel-pants with the axe here busts in, swinging vigilante-style. Take 'em downtown boys!"

extra bonus points: if you can name a location on the goat's map.


Erika said...

I really enjoy this movie--everything from the Schnitzel truck with yodeling to squirrels on coffee to singing mountain goats to Grannie and her peeps.

Aubree Legler said...

I especially like the black polar bear. And the fact that the wolf/squirrel interchanges. And the random songs. Ah heck, I just like the movie. :)

Scott said...

"I'm not saying you're going to blast anybody today, but you gotta think about the future. Those things need to be calibrated!"

Laney said...

the opening song with Red is such an ear worm for me! I end up humming it for days afterward.

Millie Motts said...

Answers: Sam Hill, Murphy's Low, Boulderdash, Puckett Grove, and Kanbar Kanyon.