that thing you do!

the year: 1996

the genre: comedy

the cast: Tom Everett Scott (Guy "Skitch" "Shades" Patterson); Liv Tyler (Faye Dolan); Johnathon Schaech (Jimmy Mattingly); Steve Zahn (Lenny Haise); Ethan Embry (T.B. Player); Tom Hanks (Mr. White); Charlize Theron (Tina); Rita Wilson (Marguerite); Chris Isaak (Uncle Bob)

the plot: Jazz aficionado Guy Patterson, unhappily toiling in the family appliance store, is recruited into the band the Oneders (later renamed the Wonders) after regular drummer Chad breaks his arm. After Guy injects a four/four rock beat into lead singer Jimmy's ballad, the song's undeniable pop power flings the Wonders into a brief whirlwind of success, telling the tale of many American bands who attempted to grab the brass ring of rock and roll in the wake of the British Invasion.

count: how many suit colors the "guys look great in".

don't miss: Capn' Geech and the Shrimpshack Shooters.

watch for: the nod to Apollo 13 - when the Oneders are playing at Boss Vic Koss' show in Pittsburgh one of the other band names on the theater marquee is "Marilyn Lovell & The Geminis".

did you know: Tom Hanks wrote and directed the film.

listen for: "Hey, that's o-NEH-ders!"

extra bonus points: if you can name two other band names under consideration, according to Jimmy's notebook.

also listen for: "I play a lot of cards. Obviously." and "Oh, I'm not here with these fellas. I've got a pig in competition over at the livestock pavilion, and I am going to win that blue ribbon!" I love Lenny.


Erika said...

A: The Herdsman and....?

Millie Motts said...

Yes! Also: The Dollars, The Lords of Erie, The Pistunes, The Thorns, The Mozarts, The Echoes, The Ticks, The Didoctics, and The Flannels.

Laney said...

Lenny is my favorite character. Thus far I've liked everything Steve's played.