silk stockings

the year: 1957

the genre: musical

the cast: Fred Astaire (Steve Canfield); Cyd Charisse (Ninotchka Yoschenko); Janis Page (Peggy Dayton); Petter Lorre (Commisar Brankov); Geroge Tobias (Commisar Markovitch); Jules Munshin (Commisar Bibinski); Joseph Buloff (Commisar Ivanov)

the plot: After three bumbling Soviet agents fail in their mission to retrieve a straying Soviet composer from Paris, the beautiful, ultra-serious Ninotchka is sent to complete their mission and to retrieve them. She starts out condemning the decadent West, but gradually falls under its spell, with the help of Steve Canfield, an American movie producer.

don't miss: the Ritz Roll and Rock.

listen for: "Be casual. Don't frighten him. Smile." "I haven't smiled in 30 years."

watch for: Peter Lorre in one of his few comedic roles.

also listen for: "I want to look somebody up. Does this office have a copy of Who's Still Who?"

count: the chemical reactions.

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