road to morocco

the year: 1942

the genre: comedy

the cast: Bing Crosby (Jeff Peters); Bob Hope (Orville "Turkey" Jackson / Aunt Lucy); Dorothy Lamour (Princess Shalmar); Anthony Quinn (Mullay Kasim)

the plot: Jeff and Turkey, two wild and crazy guys adrift on a raft in the Mediterranean, are cast away on a desert shore and hop a convenient camel to an Arabian Nights city where Turkey soon finds himself sold as a slave...to luscious Princess Shalmar of Karameesh. Naturally, Jeff would like to rescue Turkey from this "dire" fate, even if it means taking his place! But they haven't figured on virile desert chieftain Mullay Kassim, who has designs on the princess himself...

don't miss: the camel spitting in Bob Hope's face. The camel did it of its own accord while the cameras were rolling, and Hope's recoil and Bing Crosby's reaction were so funny that it was left in the final cut of the film.

listen for: "This must be the place where they empty all the old hourglasses."

also listen for: "A fine thing. First, you sell me for two hundred bucks. Then I'm gonna marry the Princess; then you cut in on me. Then we're carried off by a desert sheik. Now, we're gonna have our heads chopped off." "I know all that." "Yeah, but the people who came in the middle of the picture don't." "You mean they missed my song?"

and then listen for: "We must storm the place." "You storm. I'll stay here and drizzle." (SO many quotable lines!)

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