waxing nostalgic: the disney channel

I ran across a video on youtube and knew I had to share. Anyone who hung out at our house during the summer (or had the Disney Channel in it's early days) will probably remember DTV (Disney's answer to MTV), the NEW Mickey Mouse Club, and these:

Not Quite Human:

The Ghosts of Buxley Hall (start watching here):

The Mighty Ducks:

Flight of the Navigator:

(start watching here.)

And this gem - the video I stumbled across:

B.R.A.T. Patrol:

Tin Roof Sundae, Ice Cream Sandwich or Silver Mint Bar anyone?


Erika said...

And a Golden Nugget. I'll even snap some beans if it means I can ignore everything else and just watch movies. :)

Scott said...

The voice of Max in the trailer for Flight of the Navigator is wrong. That's not the voice of Peewee Herman!

Laney said...

Brought back loads of memories eating sundae's at my Grandma's, or playing with cousins. I remember thinking Flight of the Navigator was the coolest! ;)

Lori said...

Makes me want to can green beans... Looking back, it's amazing how much I enjoyed these as a child and how they're just not quite as funny and clever as I used to recall, watching them now. I think I must need to watch them with cousins...