return to me

the year: 2000

the genre: drama

the cast: Minnie Driver (Grace Briggs); David Duchovny (Bob Rueland); Carroll O'Connor (Marty O'Reilly); Robert Loggia (Angelo Pardipillo); Bonnnie Hunt (Megan Dayton); David Alan Grier (Charlie Johnson); Jim Belushi (Joe Dayton); Joely Richardson (Elizabeth Rueland)

the plot: Bob Rueland, a Chicago building contractor, cherishes life with his veterinarian wife until she is tragically killed in an automobile accident. Meanwhile the family and friends of Grace Briggs, a waitress at a local Italian restaurant, are overjoyed when they learn that Grace will finally get a replacement heart (the heart of Bob's wife). Both Bob and Grace struggle to maintain normal lives after these traumatic events, until fate intervenes and brings them together.

listen for: "I don't want Swiss water. I got sick on an imported Swiss water. Do you remember that night? As long as it's not Swiss or tap water it will be fine, preferably French, no bubbles. I want it cold, no ice, no glass, just the bottle and a straw. Do you want to write it down? I don't want Swiss water, I got sick on an imported Swiss water once..."

don't miss: Marty, Angelo, Wally, Sophie and Emmett. They make the movie.

did you know: the zoo mailbox (where Grace finally mails her letter) was a production prop that turned out to be a major headache, in that it necessitated the presence of a production staff member to prevent actual zoo attendees from depositing their mail in it.

also listen for: "So, Charlie, what do you do?" "I'm a vet." "Oh. I didn't go to 'Nam."

did you also know: This (Bonnie Hunt's directorial debut) sold more copies to the airline industry than any other single film in history.

count: how many fantastic songs are on this soundtrack.

watch for: the saber-toothed fly.


Erika said...

Not just an Italian restaurant--an IRISH Italian restaurant. One of my favorite bits is Bob getting into his truck after the valet. Heehee. ;)

Laney said...

"You'll be a long while in Pergatory." "I'll be among friends." I love Angelo & Joe.

Scott said...

Interesting fact: When Angelo gets a strike in the bowling alley, that was the first of his life, and also one of his only times in a bowling alley. The strike was the first take and that was his genuine reaction.

Laney said...

That's so cool! Thanks for the interesting fact.

Lori said...

So many things I enjoy about this one!