cash mccall

the year: 1960

the genre: drama

the cast: Natalie Wood (Lory Austen); James Garner (Cash McCall); Dean Jagger (Grant Austen); Edward Platt (Harrison Glenn);

the plot: Cash McCall is a young business man who buys failing businesses and resells them. Grant Austen's Plastics is even more of a prize to Cash, as Cash is also making a bid for Austen's beautiful daughter, Lory. It could turn out to be Cash's toughest deal ever.

extra bonus points: if you know the part Dean Jagger plays in White Christmas.

don't miss: wheels within wheels.

count: the profit Cash makes on the purchase of Austen Plastics.

you can watch the trailer here.


Laney said...

Isn't Dean the General?

Millie Motts said...

Correct. He was General Waverly.

Scott said...

You know I can never think of Natalie Wood anymore without hearing her sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee"